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Styled with minimalism in mind, a sliding door storage solution that offers both simplicity and comfort.


The Gemini range of Sliding Door Storage Solutions helps create a harmonious space which will elegantly and subtly combine all of the functional aspects of any room whilst at the same time provide an area of comfort and well being.


Whether you need a wardrobe or room divider, Gemini is simplistically designed to lend itself to any application so that minimalism can be achieved without compromising on key features.


With the choice of striking Silver Anodised or Warm Bronze Anodised tones comes a range of complimentary décor vinyls add to the Gemini ranges sophisticated appearance. Frame colours to suit traditional or contemporary taste means that you don’t have to change yours.


It has been said that to have a touch of luxury costs a fortune! Well, not with the Gemini range. This understated sliding door storage solution adds a sense of well-being to any space.